Scott Barbeau

Favorite thing about the 80’s?
Had my first girlfriend, mustache, and car in the 80’s.

Major musical influence of the 80’s?
So many great bands that I loved and listened to — The Who, Huey Lewis, Cars, Prince, Boston, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Elvis Costello, and of course the piano players, Billy & Elton.

If you were stuck on an island, which 80’s star/character would you like to have with you?
Either MacGyver because he would probably get us off the island, or Mr. Roarke & Tattoo because they knew how to live it up on Fantasy Island.

Favorite memory of the 80’s?
Driving “my” 1985 Red Cutlass Supreme with Huey Lewis cranked on the radio.

If you could be any character from 80’s Saturday morning cartoons who would you be?
Loved watching the Super Friends and my favorite character was always Aquaman, even though I was a terrible swimmer.

  • Keys
  • Back-up Vocals
  • Camp Counselor